Research Opportunities

Georgetown University campus

The Georgetown-Lombardi Institute for Aging and Cancer provides junior faculty and students the opportunity to collaborate with and be mentored by established scientists in the fields of cancer and aging research. These collaborating researchers are able to provide guidance through participation in Idea Labs, Mock Study Sections and hands-on lab opportunities.

The The Georgetown-Lombardi Institute for Aging and Cancer brings researchers together to share data from existing projects to catalyze new research. In addition to shared data, collaborators also receive feedback and ideas from our local partners based on the needs of the community.

The The Georgetown-Lombardi Institute for Aging and Cancer holds regular Idea Labs where investigators can come together to hear from our community partners and brainstorm ideas for collaboration and new research projects. Junior faculty members can learn about existing projects, available data, potential mentors and new opportunities.

Grants undergo an in-house mock study section by a rotating panel using NIH peer-review procedures. The review is followed by a question and answer session between the applicant and reviewers. This process has proven effective and in the Cancer Prevention and Control department has resulted in more than 50% of grants reviewed being funded on the first or second submission, well above the 10-20% NIH success rate.

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