Georgetown Lombardi Institute for Cancer and Aging

Unraveling the mysteries of aging to prevent cancer and help cancer survivors live longer and healthier

Our Mission

The Cancer and Aging Division of the GUMC Center for Healthy Aging is part of the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Institute for Cancer and Aging Research (GLICA). 

The mission of GLICA is to conduct transdisciplinary research to address challenges in our diverse aging society and train a new generation of researchers focused on achieving health equity for cancer patients and their families. 

“Research on the basic mechanisms of aging and cancer will enhance our understanding of both subjects and will enable the development of new strategies for cancer prevention and treatment”

Ned Sharpless, NCI

Our Goals

  • Partner with stakeholders to understand the needs of older persons at risk for or with cancer and collaborate to develop solutions that consider patient-reported outcomes and increase equity.
  • Engage scientists and clinicians from across the university with stakeholders and community leaders in a shared mission of advancing team science and applying knowledge about aging to cancer research.
  • Make innovative contributions to cancer research that is informed by the biology of aging and community and stakeholder needs to guide care and policy to improve the health and health equity.