Congratulations to Dr. Carole Gresenz, one of our GLICA/I-REACH Members, on receiving a new grant!

National Institute on Aging “Using Digital Signals from Credit Data for Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias” – Carole Gresenz (R01AG080623-01)

SA 2022 Abstracts Published Online

The GSA 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting program abstracts have been published in GSA’s open access journal, Innovation in Aging. All accepted program abstracts, including late breakers, can be found in this supplemental issue of Innovation in Aging. (new window)

The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation (SWCRF) and The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research are pleased to issue a joint Request for Applications (RFA) for collaborative projects to focus on Aging and Cancer. Projects must include collaborations between two laboratories with different but complementary expertise. Proposals must justify the partnership through synergistic scientific aims. Awards will provide $500,000 total over three years ($250,000 to each PI).

Examples of potential research topics to understand and prevent the rising incidence of cancer due to aging include, but are not limited to:
• Senolytics, anti-inflammatory agents, and specific targets to enhance healthy longevity and diminish cancer incidence
• Impact of the aged microenvironment on the immune system, tumor progression, therapy response, and recurrent disease
• Biomarkers to evaluate aging and cancer risk such as clonal hematopoiesis, epigenetics patterns, DNA repair, mutations, and telomeres
• Approaches to limit therapy-associated cancer in older individuals and to establish how aging affects the response to treatment for cancer

Letters of intent must be submitted through the online portal by 5pm ET on March 1, 2023.

Follow this link for more information and to access the application portal (new window)

T32 Postdoctoral Training in Cancer Population Sciences at Georgetown Lombardi (new window)

The Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center (GLCCC) is seeking outstanding candidates for an NCI T32-funded, postdoctoral training program in Cancer Population Science (CPaS). We are currently recruiting for Fall 2023 as well as immediate openings. 

The program focuses on preparing trainees for independent research careers with a focus on clinical and community translational research. Training faculty have a wide breadth of domain-specific expertise with funded research programs in behavioral science, health disparities, epidemiology/biomarkers, cancer and aging, tobacco control, health services/health policy, and cancer survivorship. The program offers 2-3 years of funding, competitive salary and benefits, as well as funds for travel and research support. The fellows will be mentored to develop their own program of funded research and have access to a robust training environment.

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